Attendance Boundary Map

Attendance Boundaries and School of Residence

Students having residency within the Eureka City Schools District boundaries are assigned a School of Residence (SOR) based on the primary home address of the student. Interactive attendance boundary maps for elementary, middle school, and high school, are located below.

If you have any questions regarding attendance boundaries, or your student’s school of residence, please call the District Office at 707-441- 3383 or refer to the Attendance Boundary Maps, below.

Middle School Attendance Boundaries

In an effort to have as many students as possible attend the middle school in closest proximity to where they live, as well as to have more balance between the sizes of each middle school, the Board of Education modified the middle school attendance boundaries on November 14, 2019, effective for the 2020/21 school year.

Current middle school students attending a school whose residence is impacted by the new attendance zones will not be required to transfer schools. If your current 5th grade student or 6th grade student, new to the District, has a sibling (a current 6th or 7th grader) already attending a middle school outside of the new middle school attendance zones, it will be your choice as parent/guardian which middle school you would like your children to attend. It is not the desire of Eureka City Schools to split up siblings/families and require them to attend separate middle schools. Please note, if you have a current 8th grade child promoting out of the middle school at the end of the year, the sibling policy will not be enacted for an incoming student.

Under the new middle school attendance boundaries, students who reside in the Cutten, Freshwater, Garfield, or South Bay Elementary school attendance zones are assigned to Winship Middle School.


Click here to view Eureka City Schools attendance boundaries map