Quick Facts About Eureka School Improvements Bonds

There are two general obligation bonds. Proceeds from Measure T, the elementary schools bond, will generate $10.585 million and match $5 million in state modernization grants. Proceeds from Measure S, the middle and high schools bond, will generate $32.515 million and match $11.5 million in state modernization grants. The election is March 5, 2002.

  1. A School Facilities Improvement District (SFID) was formed in November 2000 in order to conduct a separate election in the former elementary school district boundary. Homeowners living in our feeder school districts, South Bay, Freshwater, Garfield, Kneeland, and Cutten will not pay for improvements to our elementary schools. Homeowners living in these districts would only pay for improvements to middle and high schools.
  2. Tax Rates. If approved, the school bonds will be funded through an assessment of local property taxes, estimated to average $50 per year (not longer than 40 years) per $100,000 of assessed value in the Eureka Unified School District, and $25 per year (not longer than 40 years) per $100,000 of assessed value in the SFID (former elementary district).

Assessed value is not the same as market value. Assessed value is the valuation placed on property by a public tax assessor for purposes of taxation. Market value is the price at which a particular house, in its current condition, will sell within 30 to 90 days.

  • The median assessed single family home value in the district is $78,734. The tax per year for a home assessed at $78,734 in the Eureka Unified School District (middle and high schools), after homeowner’s exemption, would be $35.87.
  • The tax per year for a home assessed at $78,734 in the SFID (elementary schools), after homeowner’s exemption, would be $17.93. Homeowners in the SFID would also be paying for improvements to the middle and high schools, so the combined tax per year for a home assessed at $78,734 in the SFID, after homeowner’s exemption, would be $53.80.
  • A citizen’s oversight committee will be formed by law, within 60 days of passage of the bonds, to ensure that bond proceeds will be spent only for the school facilities projects listed in District Facilities Improvement Plan. In addition, the district must conduct yearly independent audits.
  • No Administrator Salaries. Proceeds from the sale of bonds can be used only for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement of school facilities. Bond money may not be used for any other purpose, including teacher and administrator salaries.
  • Eureka City Schools Are Aging. All of Eureka City Schools' elementary schools are more than 45 years old. Eureka City Schools' middle schools are more than 37 years old. The oldest school, Eureka Senior High School, has been serving children and the community for more than 75 years.
  • Every school in the district will receive repairs and upgrades according to the District Facilities Improvement Plan, if the measures are approved by 55% of voters on March 5. The funds will be used exclusively on local school improvement projects.
  • District Facilities Improvement Plan. While every school has an ongoing routine maintenance program, most of our buildings are reaching a point where major infrastructure repairs and upgrades are required to ensure a safer, positive learning environment. To determine the most critical needs, a team of staff members performed a thorough, yearlong examination of facilities needs.
  • Seismic needs. The Eureka High School main building is over 75 years old with most other facilities exceeding 50 years of age; all of which are in need of a seismic retrofit.
  • Improve security, health and safety by bringing schools up to current standards for access of the disabled, specifically bathrooms and walkways. Remove hazardous materials and improve safety with fire alarm upgrades and improved lighting.
  • Improve major building systems with electrical system upgrades, repair or replace water, sewer, and storm drainage systems, improve heating and ventilation systems, and improve their energy efficiency.
  • Upgrade school facilities. Replace windows, repair exterior walls and siding, upgrade bathrooms and kitchens. Repair roofs, dry rot and termite damage.
  • Replace old portables, repair and replace unsafe breezeways, and construct a multipurpose room/cafeteria at Winship Middle School.

Elementary Schools - Dates of Contruction:

  • Alice Birney Elementary - 1952
  • Alice Birney addition - 1989
  • Jefferson Elementary - 1941
  • Jefferson annex - 1948
  • Grant Elementary - 1950
  • Lafayette Elementary - 1952
  • Lincoln Elementary - 1941
  • Lincoln annex - 1955
  • Washington Elementary - 1952
  • Washington addition - 1989
  • Worthington Elementary - 1955
  • Secondary Schools - Dates of Contruction
  • Winship Middle School - 1964
  • Zane Middle School - 1964
  • Eureka High School main building - 1927
    • agriculture - 1951
    • science - 1964
    • Jay Willard gymnasium - 1948
    • industrial arts - 1939
    • cafeteria - 1975
    • band room - 1939
    • auto shop - 1964
  • Albee stadium - 1954
  • Marshall campus - 1941
  • Jacobs Education Center - 1956
  • Winzler Children's Center - 1963
  • Corporation Yard - 1981
  • District Office - 1964