Did you know that every Eureka High School student has a Gaggle account?


What is Gaggle you might ask? It is an email program that you can access from any school computer (and your home computers too). Why is this good information to know? This is the ideal way to move your school work from home to school and vice versa.


Say you finished that paper at home and don't have access to a printer at home or you're out of paper or ink, you can email your paper to your Gaggle account and then print it at school! We have 2 computers available here in the counseling office that you can use to print your work.


How do you access this Gaggle Account? It's easy, just follow the simple directions below:

  • Go to
  • click on Customer Login in the top right hand corner
  • click on the link that says "Click here if your email ends in something different." It is in tiny green print at the end of the box that asks for your email
  • Type in your full email address which is your PowerSchool/computer log in followed by Your password will be the same as your PowerSchool/computer password.
  • Hit enter and that should get you into your account.

This is a great option for you until we have more computers that are able to access flash drives. You can also email your teachers using this account. It's fast and easy to do, just follow the directions above. If you don't know your PowerSchool/computer login information, stop by the counseling office or the  registrar's office (M103) and Kris can help you with that.