Using the SAT Website Wisely

The SAT website ( is for more than just registering to take the SAT test! This website has several great resources that will help you prepare for the test.


Free Practice Tests


You can take a free full practice test and check your scores. Taking the online SAT Practice Test is a stress-free (and free) way to find your strengths and weaknesses on the SAT. You can test online, or you can print it out. Here is a link to that part of the site:



Free Study Plan


There is also a section that when you answer a few questions, will give you a study plan geared to your needs. This is a pretty comprehensive plan that covers the process from start to finish and gives lots of resources you can use to best prepare for the test. This is not just for students that have never taken the test before. Anyone can plug in their information and you will get a plan.



SAT Question of the Day


You can sign up for this and you will receive in your email an SAT Question of the Day. They send both math and English questions. You click on the answer you think is correct and it takes you to the website and lets you know if you are right or wrong. If you are wrong, try again! There are hints available too. This really a great resource and you get to see what kinds of questions that will be on the test.



SAT Skills Insight


SAT Skills Insight is a free tool to help you get a score that really shows your abilities. It identifies the types of skills that are tested on the SAT with sample test questions so that you can do your best if you're taking the SAT for the first time, or if you got your SAT scores and are thinking, "I want to do better than that.”




And of course, you can see test and registration dates for the rest of the year and register as well!



As you can see, this website offers many resources for you to take advantage of. If you are a first time test taker or have taken the test more than once, this is a great resource for you.