Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

ESLR 1:  Students who are effective and informed communicators

  • Understand and use  academic language both oral and written
  • Write and present in a logical, structured and thoughtful manner that demonstrates knowledge of purpose and audience
  • Use technology appropriately
  • Recognize and use respectful non verbal communication

ESLR 2:  Students who are self-directed and responsible

  • Use effective goal-setting strategies to create a positive vision for themselves in order to set priorities and maximize their potential.
  • Apply appropriate strategies based on self assessment to learn academic and vocational standards and skills.
  • Demonstrate positive and productive citizenship.

ESLR 3:  Students who are critical and creative thinkers

  • Actively seek information and knowledge, critically evaluate, synthesize and apply findings appropriately.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the connections between prior knowledge, subject matter areas and the real world through involvement at EHS including clubs, pathways and senior projects.
  • Open to information that challenges traditional concepts, delve deeply into subjects and engage in meaningful service.

ESLR 4:  Students who are involved and engaged in learning.

  • Challenge and question assumptions and opinions in order to form and develop their own perspectives and interpretations.
  • Make relevant connections between issues, ideas, and self.
  • Participate in discussions, forums and project based activities leading to creative thought and production.