Welcome to Eureka High School

Mission Statement:

To provide our students a relevant, engaging, and comprehensive education, empowering all to be college and/or career ready global citizens.

This mission is grounded in the belief that our energy as a faculty and community needs to be truly focused on all our students in both words and actions. The statement acknowledges the importance of each high school class as a significant collection of information and skills while simultaneously acknowledging its importance related to the pathway of connected classes that form a student’s larger academic trajectory. We have a shared responsibility to create courses and series of courses that will ensure our students will have as many realistic opportunities post high school graduation.

Eureka High School was recognized in May 2015 as a California Gold Ribbon School. EHS focused on the implementation and ongoing work staff is undertaking with Constructing Meaning (CM). CM focuses on student’s ability to critically think and communicate across all curricular areas. We are proud of our award winning academic environment. It is safe, clean and quite conducive to learning. EHS staff is currently being trained in Restorative Practices, a proven method of reducing discipline issues and improving school climate. In meeting the diverse needs of our students, we provide a breadth of curriculum not available in any other public or private high school in Humboldt County. EHS is partnering with College of the Redwoods to offer a variety of dual enrollment classes, where students can receive college credit while on the high school campus. Our scholastic emphasis provides a college-going culture supported by an in-depth vocational technology program, performing and visual arts, and variety of athletics and clubs. All students will succeed at Eureka High School.

The Office of the Principal is at all times open to everyone and anyone who values quality education. Visit Eureka High School, we are the High School Of Choice from Ferndale to McKinleyville.