Six Rivers Running Club Scholarships – Deadline 3/31/17


  • Annually in May, Six Rivers Running Club (SRRC) shall select two deserving graduating high school seniors from a Humboldt County School, that have ties to SRRC, with money for college expenses.

  • Ties to SRRC shall include: volunteering at SRRC races; running SRRC races; or being a member of SRRC.

  • Additional criteria will also be considered in the selection process.

  • $500 one time award will be the scholarship amount for each recipient and it will be presented in May or June.

  • Two scholarships are to be awarded: One to a male and another to a female. If only one gender is represented by the applicants, then two scholarships will be awarded to two applicants of the represented gender.

  • SRRC has the discretion to cancel or modify this scholarship at any time.

  • Applications may also be requested by mail at the following address.

  • Mail applications to: SRRC Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 214 Arcata, CA 955180214

  • Application must be received by no later than March 31st, each year. Postmarks will not be accepted, so mail early.

  • Verification of receipt will be sent through email.

  • Additional questions may also be sent to the same address.

Interested students may pick up applications in the EHS Counseling Office.