CR Offering Classes on EHS Campus this Summer

CR will be offering two classes on the EHS campus this summer! Please remember that concurrent courses are open to all CR students; taught by a CR instructor; and follow the CR schedule, expectations, and fee structure for tuition and books. High school students not already registered at CR need to register, have the concurrent course approved by their EHS Counselor and Principal, and if appropriate apply for the BOG waiver. Please see your counselor for more information.

CR will be offering both Great Archaeological Discoveries and College Success-1 on the Eureka High campus this summer.  Both classes are now open for registration and are CSU or CSU/UC transferable. 


(3 Units LEC) Grade only Recommended Prep: ENGL-150 Transfers to: UC and CSU A survey of data from noted archaeological sites from around the world. Sites to be discussed in the course will include a variety of cultures from around the world, from the beginning of human prehistory through recent historical occupations. Additionally, the course will explore relationships between archaeologists, native peoples, the media, and the public.

Summer 2016 ANTH-5-E1986 (041986) Great Archaeol. Discoveries 06/20/2016-07/14/2016 MTWTH 10:15AM - 01:35PM,   Room TBA Alternate Locations E. Staff Open 3.00

This class is held at Eureka High School and is open to   all CR students.

​GS-1 College Success (3 Units LEC) Grade only If Scheduled TBA: 54 hours required Recommended Prep: ENGL-150 Transfers to: CSU A course designed to inform and assist students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their educational objectives. Topics covered include: Self-discovery, motivation, memory development, time and stress management, text book reading, note and test-taking skills, healthy living practices, and career and academic planning. Students will be utilizing a wide variety of college resources, study skills, and techniques to support their goals.

Summer 2016 GS-1-E1934 (041934) College Success 06/20/2016-08/11/2016 MTWTH 08:30AM - 09:55AM,   Room TBA Alternate Locations A. Garwin Open 3.00 This class is held at Eureka High School and is open to   all CR students.