Welcome to Grant School

Grant Elementary School’s vision is one in which students are educated through a collaborative effort among parents, faculty, staff, students, and the community. At Grant we believe in acknowledging and celebrating cultural diversity. It is a place where students challenge themselves academically without fear of failure. With high expectations and rigorous academic standards, Grant students will develop self-directed life-long learning skills for future success.

At Grant Elementary School, we emphasize high academic standards while supporting the social and emotional development of our students. We promote academic growth, emphasizing written language skills and the development of higher level thinking skills. We provide hands-on science instruction with our “Nature Trail” and “Ocean Studies” programs as evidenced by our participation with UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science’s “Families and Schools Project.” Students participate in our rigorous reading and math literacy programs.

Our library is open before school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and during first recess so students have access to exchange their library books allowing them to keep on reading! We are committed to offering a complete educational experience at Grant. Our After School program provides academic, sports and fun recreational activities. We make every effort to accommodate working parents with hectic schedules. We enjoy meeting new families and are committed to the education of each and every student at Grant School. The Grant School family welcomes you to be apart of our dynamic learning community.