Questions and Answers About Eureka City Schools Needs

Q: What is Measure S?

A: If enacted, Measure S provides our local schools with funding that is legally required to stay in our communities, ensuring local control and sufficient funds to provide the education and technology our children need.


Q: Why was Measure S placed on the ballot?

A: Our area used to provide plenty of jobs in timber and fishing, but now many of these jobs are gone. Measure S helps our schools stay up-to-date. If enacted Measure S provides a dedicated local funding source to upgrade career technical and job training classrooms, including investing in new technology and science labs.


Q: How does Measure S support local schools and education?

A: If enacted Measure S provides funding for school priorities including:

  • Providing job training for students who plan to enter the workforce right after high school
  • Preventing cuts to career technical and job training education programs
  • Upgrading career technical/job training classrooms and technology
  • Ensuring that every neighborhood school receives its fair share of funding  
  • Making Eureka schools eligible for state matching funds that would otherwise go to other school districts


Q: What types of academic programs does Measure S support?

A: If enacted, Measure S protects and upgrades career/technical education and job training classrooms and programs to prepare students to effectively compete for jobs right after high school – in fields such as automotive repair, culinary arts, building trades, agricultural science, engineering, accounting and technology.


Q: How does Measure S address school repair needs?

A: Our local schools are more than 50 years old and like an old house, are in critical need of safety upgrades and repairs. Measure S would provide the funding for necessary upgrades, including leaky roofs and deteriorating electrical, heating and air conditioning systems. Delaying these necessary upgrades will only make it more expensive to fix our schools in the future.


Q: Is Measure S fiscally accountable?

A: Yes. Measure S is designed to cost no more than $60 per $100,000 of assessed valuation for homeowners. By law, an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee will monitor all funds to ensure they are spent as promised to voters.  NO money can be taken by Sacramento or spent on administrators’ salaries, or pensions.