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Second Annual Taco Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 20, Eureka City Schools is proud to participate in the Second Annual Taco Tuesday sponsored by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE), Eel River Organic Beef, and Humboldt Creamery. All the participating schools will be enjoying “Fall Fiesta” salsa created by Washington Elementary School students Lily Nord, Josh Manson, Kenna Wendt and Madison Broese Van Groenou while working with Chef Belem Espita from Pachanga Mexicana. The salsa, selected as “Most Marketable” in HCOE’s 2013 North Coast Culinary AllSTARS Salsa Recipe Competition, will be prepared by the Eureka City Schools Food Services team. The tacos will also feature local organic ground beef and will be served for lunch in all Eureka City Schools cafeteria’s that day.

Laura Chase, Director of Food Services for Eureka City Schools, is excited about the upcoming event. “We appreciate the partnership with CAFF and the suppliers, and the ability to serve our students healthy, nutritious food that has been produced locally. It is a popular addition to our standard menu, one that the students enjoyed very much last year.”

Taco Tuesday has expanded and now includes both Humboldt County and Del Norte County schools. According to the press release on CAFF’s website, over 8,000 students will take part in the event.

For additional information please contact Laura Chase at (707) 441-2501, or find CAFF’s full press release and more information about the upcoming event on their website at