Getting Humboldt Students Moving through Safer Routes

CA4Health works with rural California communities on systemic and environmental changes that make it easier for people to make healthier choices. In an effort to promote physical activity and encourage safe and active transportation, cities in Humboldt County employed innovative Safe Routes to School (SRTS) strategies.

Eureka City Schools are leaders in the SRTS movement. The Eureka SRTS Task Force formed a cross-sectoral collaboration that included planners, elected officials, public health, school administrators, parents, engineers, advocates for active transportation, and CA4Health strategic leadership. Language encouraging walking, biking and skating to school as well as safety guidelines for all transportation modes was developed by the Eureka SRTS Task Force and added to the Eureka City Schools Parent Handbook. As a result, more of the school district’s 3,939 students will be able to incorporate physical activity in their daily school routines.

The City of Fortuna implemented reduced school zone speeds, which can serve as a model for other municipalities that prioritize pedestrian and bicycle safety. CA4Health provided resources to educate community stakeholders about how reducing school zone speeds can create a safer environment not only for the school district’s 2,363 students and their families, but for the entire community as well.

A huge THANK YOU to all who worked in and with the cities of Eureka and Fortuna in getting Humboldt students moving through safer routes!

CA4Health is a project of the Public Health Institute, in partnership with California Department of Public Health, Local Health Departments and community partners, and technical assistance providers, and is made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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