Grant and Washington Elementary Schools recognized by California Business Community for high academic achievement

EUREKA— Eureka City Schools announced today that Washington elementary school has been selected by the California Business for Education Excellence to receive the title of 2006 Honor Roll school.

EUREKA— Eureka City Schools announced today that Grant and Washington elementary schools have been selected by the California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE) Foundation and Just for Kids-California (JFTK-CA) as two of 304 public schools in California to receive the title of 2006 Honor Roll school.

This is Washington Elementary School’s second consecutive year of being recognized as an Honor Roll school.

Grant and Washington schools will be honored at an awards dinner on November 14 in San Francisco.

Schools receiving this distinction from California’s business community have demonstrated consistent high student academic achievement and have made significant progress toward closing achievement gaps among all their students. The CBEE Foundation/JFTK-CA Honor Roll is made up of two different awards, the Star Schools Award (100 schools) and the Scholar Schools Award (204 schools).

“We are thrilled to be selected as an Honor Roll school and recognized by California’s business community,” said Lee Ann Lanning, principal at Washington Elementary. “Our teachers and administrators have worked tirelessly to ensure the focus is on student academic achievement and reaching grade-level proficiency.” Lanning was principal at Grant Elementary for four years prior to starting this school year at Washington.

Former Washington principal Paul Gossard remarked, “We hold all our students, no matter what their background, to the same high standards because we believe they can all reach grade-level proficiency.” Gossard was principal at Washington for five years before moving to Winship Middle School for the start of the 2006-07 school year.

CBEE Star Schools (100 schools) are those with significant populations of socio-economically disadvantaged students that have shown a significant increase in grade-level proficiency over four years for all subgroups.

Honor Roll schools are being recognized because they are on track to meet the goal of 100% grade-level proficiency by the 2013-14 school year as required by No Child Left Behind.

According to CBEE, no other school recognition program in California uses hard data, individual school and student subgroup performance data based on the California Standards Tests and the California High School Exit Exam, to evaluate school academic performance.

The CBEE Foundation describes its mission as “driving the debate beyond the usual questions of “if” we should have standards or accountability or “where” those standards should be set to instead demonstrate that standards can and are being met. We focus our attention on improving student achievement and giving a voice to those that are raising academic achievement and closing achievement gaps.”

The non-profit organization Just for Kids-California ( provides a powerful on-line data and school improvement system free of charge to everyone; parents, educators and communities. The JFTK-CA database has become the largest longitudinally linked, student achievement database in California and is receiving over one million hits per month from California schools.

A full list of the Honor Roll Schools can be found at