Otter Trot 2013

Plans are under way for the Otter Trot (a Walk/Jog/Run-A-Thon) to be held on Friday, November 1st, 2013.  This event, jointly sponsored by the Washington School PTA and the school, is designed to serve as a fundraiser used to support Washington School and PTA activities for students Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Your support of Washington Fund Raising events benefits our school in many ways, including:

  • Equipment purchases….Upgrade of Technology is PTA’s main fundraising goal again this year!  (We are happy to report that fundraising from last year allowed for the purchase of 20 Google Chromebooks for student use. We are looking to expand upon that technology upgrade by placing tablets in K-1st classrooms, and more Chrome Books in 2nd-5th classrooms this year!)
  • PTA monies raised also support our school in the following ways:  Support of Running club (necklaces & feet), Purchase of Field Day Supplies, Family Fun Nights, Disaster Preparedness Supply purchase, Support of 5th grade promotion and Kindergarten Orientation, Purchase of Playground equipment, Purchase of general supplies (paper, pencils, and $125 each to teachers for other needed classroom supplies), Support of our PBIS Program (purchase of positive behavior incentives), Purchase of Hand Sanitizer for the cafeteria, Purchase of supplies to maintain classroom technology (bulbs for presenters), etc.
  • Participation in these events builds school spirit and a sense of community for our students.

Your support of the Otter Trot will help to ensure that funds are available to support these many activities/purchases.

We would like to make the Otter Trot more of a family event; therefore, we are inviting parents to participate by coming to school on November 1st  to watch your child jog or perhaps even seek out your own sponsors so that you can walk, jog, or run with the students.  We feel this event will be very exciting, and additional parent participation will make it even more special.

One of the beneficial features of the Otter Trot as a method for fund raising is it does not require students to sell anything.  Students simply:

  • Ask friends, family, and loved ones to sponsor them with a flat fee for their participation.  They have the sponsor fill out the sponsor sheet and collect the money, then return the sponsor sheet and money to school.
  • Walk/Jog/Run for 30 minutes (20 minutes for K-2nd grades) on November 1st.

Again, we are hoping you will help support this worthwhile event.  Please sign and return the Consent Agreement to indicate your child has permission to participate in the Otter Trot.