Welcome to Alice Birney School

At Alice Birney School, we are excited about the many improvements we have been making to our campus as well as our curriculum.

Beginning in the spring of 2005, our campus underwent modernization as a result of the local Bond Measure T. Our school received new lights, new floors, new electrical, new fire alarms, new plumbing, new walkways, new roofing, a new kitchen and wonderful new bathrooms. In addition to facility improvements, we also gained state-of-the-art technology. Students in the 4th and 5th grades now benefit from our new interactive white boards, known as InterwriteBoards. This technology has infused new life into the delivery of the instruction and has created excitement among the students. Other teachers have expressed interest in this new technology and have requested digital presenters for their classrooms.

Major Achievements
Alice Birney has earned the reputation as a high achieving school. We have twice been named a California Distinguished School (1995 and 2002). All staff members including; teachers, monitors, secretaries, custodians, librarian, aides, site coordinator, counselor and the principal take responsibility for the educational progress and well being of our students. Our dedicated staff and system-wide supports are the reasons that our students continue to score highly on the STAR test. For six consecutive years our school has received an API score of 10 on the similar school ranking.