Strategic Plan

Click here to download the complete Eureka City Schools District Strategic Plan.

Vision Statement:

Inspiring academic Excellence, Creativity, and the confidence to Succeed - ECS

Mission Statement:

Eureka City Schools, in partnership with families and communities, promotes academic success and career readiness for every student. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring rigorous and innovative programs through high standards of teaching and learning
  • Providing a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Embracing our diversity as a strength
  • Promoting creative expression, critical thinking and digital literacy
  • Offering relevant learning opportunities to help guarantee a sustainable future
  • Developing responsible, productive, and ethical citizens for our communities and the world.

Strategic Goals:

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Design, implement, evaluate, and improve instructional programs to ensure every student meets the District standards.
  • Human Resources: Recruit, select, develop, evaluate and retain the highest quality staff.
  • Student Services: Design, implement, evaluate, and improve programs and services to support success for all students.
  • Family and Community Partnerships: Design, implement, evaluate, and improve partnerships that support the goals and objectives of the District.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Provide an environment that is safe, clean and attractive that promotes student learning and fosters student, staff, and community pride.
  • Alternative and Optional Educational Programs and Services: Design, implement, evaluate, and improve quality alternative and optional educational programs and services for our students, families and communities.
  • Financial Planning: In alignment with the strategic plan, design, implement, evaluate, and improve a planning process to ensure that the human, financial and capital resources are efficiently and effectively allocated.