BUS #25: Grant to Central and North Central Eureka

PLEASE NOTE: Bus schedules are subject to change due to student ridership. Please call the Eureka City Schools Transportation Department at 441-2503 for up to date bus route information, or to confirm times.

Updated 9/25/2019

Bus 25 Monday Winship to Ridgewood / EHS and West Eureka 
2:18 Winship -Load Bus 10 Students
2:25 Walnut @ Greenbriar
2:27 Walnut just befor Home Dr.
2:29 Walnut just pass Avalon
2:30 Ridgewood School-
2:31 Avalon and Walnut (as needed)
2:33 1173 Ridgewood Dr. (top of hill)
2:38 Elk River at Showers Rd.
2:45 Winship -Load Bus 4 Students
2:53 EHS- Transfer Bus 4 students to Bus 4