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Storytime for Elementary Students!

ECS has launched another opportunity for a Distance Learning experience for elementary students - regular programing through Access Humboldt on TV and radio with different ECS teachers and principals as guest readers! Here's a link to our first show featuring Director Heather from Winzler Children's Center:

Here are some upcoming air dates on Cable EDUC8:                                      
Playdate Time  Channel 
Saturday 9:30 AM EDUC8
Sunday 4:00 PM EDUC8
Monday 7:00 PM EDUC8
Tuesday 9:45 AM EDUC8
Tuesday 7:00 PM EDUC8
Wednesday 10:00 AM EDUC8
Thursday 9:30 AM EDUC8
Thursday  3:00 PM EDUC8

Radio broadcasts (96.7 FM) will occur as part of one hour of content suitable for Preschool-5th grade students at 8:00 AM each weekday beginning on Tuesday, March 31.
In addition to the Distance Learning assignments being provided by each school, please find below a list of online Distance Learning opportunities that your child may explore during this time that he/she is away from school. These are optional activities that have been approved by the California Department of Education (CDE).
We also encourage you to explore Freckle. This free online program allows students to practice both math and ELA at their own level from home. You will need to create an account and sign up as a teacher to create your own "class" for your student. The process is simple and we hope you find this enriching for your student.

Other Distance Learning opportunities are divided as follows:


1. Digital Resources by Content Area

a. English Language Arts

b. Mathematics

c. Writing

d. Science

e. Physical Education

f. History and Social Science

g. Electives: The Arts, Music, and Language

2. Pre-K Learning, Games, and Activities

3. Current Events and News Outlets for Students

4. Free Educational Resources for Distance Learning

5. Online Resources and Tools