2014 Bond Measure S

An independent survey of voters in the Eureka City School District shows strong support for a potential 2014 bond measure to repair aging, deteriorating schools throughout the District.

Projects from "Promise" List

Eureka High School  
Alice Birney Elementary  
  • Alice Birney Modular Building
  • Alice Birney Parking Lot and Parent/Bus Dropoff Area
    • Completion in Fall 2017
Lafayette Elementary  
  • Lafayette Parking Lot and Parent/Bus Dropoff Area
Lincoln Campus  
  • Lincoln Building Modernization
    • Phase 2 Completion in July 2015
    • Phase 3 Completion in November 2015
Winzler Children's Center  
  • Winzler Playground Upgrade
    • Completion in September 2015
Zane Middle School  
  • Zane Career and Technical Education Classroom
    • Completed in August 2015
  • S Street Accesibility Ramp
    • Completion in Fall 2017
Winship Middle School  
  • Winship Gym Siding Replacement
    • Completion in June 2015