Winzler Children's Center is the longest operating nonprofit public preschool in Humboldt County.Since 1944, Winzler has been dedicated to program quality. Many families and children have achieved independence and success through participation in our program.

A planned, child-centered curriculum is provided for each age group and individuals, assuring choices for each child. The curriculum, developed upon various themes, includes opportunities for: Dramatic Play, Music, Arts and Crafts, Health, Physical Education, Science

Emphasis is placed on academic and social skills such as: Language Development, Multicultural Awareness, Mathematics, Pre-reading, Problem Solving, Self-esteem, Appropriate Behavior

Field trips are incorporated when possible. To insure program quality, Exemplary Program Standards Self Review and State Review are conducted regularly at all sites.

Our Mission
The Winzler Children’s Center program strives to develop each student's appreciation and respect for themselves, others and the environment, provide opportunities to grow in a safe atmosphere with support for the family, and nurture and develop the child's potential through an individualized program so he/she becomes a lifelong learner.

Our Purpose
To provide a full or part day of affordable quality preschool education and to provide appropriate experiences to school-age children which will meet their individual needs.

Our Goals:

  • Develop good self identities and personal responsibility.
  • Develop communication and language skills.
  • Develop physical skills, both gross and fine motor skills.
  • Promote creativity, problem solving and choices.
  • Promote multicultural acceptance and awareness of others rights.
  • Increase understanding of children’s and parent's roles.